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Nikolai Kirienko (Kolya): Patient Entrepreneur

VIDEO: TOF FIlm Project - Kolya Interview

Kolya Kirienko, a student at U.C. Berkeley, and part of The Orion Fund Grants for 2010, was recently invited to Washington D.C. to speak about his experiences as a young adult with Crohn’s Disease. In May 2010 Kolya was a key member of a multidisciplinary group at UCSF and UC Berkeley which was awarded a major grant to create mobile applications for young adults with Crohn’s Disease. These iPad applications help young adults who have Crohn’s disease create visually aided narratives of their conditions and responses to treatment. Indeed the application is modeled after Kolya’s own experiences in managing his own health while living with Crohn’s Disease.

The following video is from Kolya’s presentation at the 2011 Consumer Health IT Summit, where he was an invited speaker (scroll to minutes 25 – 30 to hear the Surgeon General introduce Kolya and to hear his commentary). His efforts to capture personal medical information can be found at Chronology.MD.

Thank you, Koyla, for being part of The Orion Fund.


Nikolai Kirienko (Kolya) speaking with the Surgeon General in Washington DC.