The Orion Fund board governs the fund, reviews student proposals and awards grants. We also regularly meet to plan events that will benefit both the community and the fund. We hope the fund will continue in perpetuity with our success in coming years.

The Orion Fund Board of Directors:

Shelley Tarnoff, President, Co-Founder
Molly Clark
Pam Hirtzer
Kaylene Hirtzer
Florence Mou
Ginny Preston

Our Much Appreciated Medical Advisor:

Dr. Julia Walsh, M.D.
U.C. Berkeley School of Public Health
Maternal and Child Health

Shelley Tarnoff, President, Co-Founder

Shelley is proud to be a founding member and Board President of The Orion Fund. She continues to be inspired by our grantees that show remarkable courage as they strive to meet their educational goals despite difficult health challenges. Working with an amazing group of fellow board members, it has been a delight to see The Orion Fund grow each year.  For her day job, Shelley works as a reproductive law attorney, specializing in surrogacy, egg donation and adoption. She also enjoys bikram yoga, swimming, hiking and spending time with family and friends. 
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Molly Clark, Board of Directors, 2009

Molly worked for many years as a respiratory therapist and has been an active volunteer with the Orinda schools. Every year she is reminded how grateful and honored she is to be a part of The Orion Fund. Molly serves on the Board "to make a difference in the lives of our awe-inspiring students" and is "honored to be part of such an incredible team of caring and talented women."  Molly brings much appreciated fundraising experience and energy to the Board. In her free time Molly enjoys traveling, walking, reading, friends, and family.
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Pam Hirtzer, Board of Directors, Co-Founder

Pam co-founded The Orion Fund with Shelley in 2004. The Orion Fund is a legacy fund, inspired by the story of her son, Orion. Pam is very involved with young adults dealing with medical crises, the impact on their lives and the intersection of young adults with the medical system. If The Orion Fund can do even just a little bit, to help unimaginable events turn out better for a young adult, to reconnect them with the world, then we will have been successful.
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Kaylene Hirtzer, Board of Directors, 2011

Kaylene, a legal assistant in Santa Rosa, has been involved with The Orion Fund Golf Tournament since its inception. Kaylene recently decided to join the Board to further support the mission of The Orion Fund and because she enjoys us! She brings with her a family connection to Orion (his aunt), considerable experience with non-profit organizations in Sonoma County and good organizational skills. Since her sons are grown, Kaylene is moving on from her involvement in the youth baseball and soccer organizations and she is now turning her energy to The Orion Fund.
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Florence Mou, Board of Directors, founding member

Florence is a Senior Administrator at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. She is a founding member of The Orion Fund.  Florence is motivated to serve on the Board by her desire to help ease the financial burden for students afflicted by health challenges, and brings her expertise in event planning and desktop publishing.
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Ginny Preston, Board of Directors, founding member

Ginny, a Speech and Language Pathologist, is one of our founding members.  After working in the public schools for forty years, she now works part time, supervising Speech Therapists.  As a life long educator, Ginny is committed to serving on the Board to help students with medical crises reach their academic goals. She recognizes how important it is to have good health to participate in life to the fullest extent possible. In her spare time, Ginny likes to travel, exercise, swim, hike and read.  She recently traveled to South Africa where she volunteered in a small rural school – another way to help bring education to the needy.
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Julia Walsh, M.D., Medical Advisor

Julia Walsh, M.D., serves as our Medical Advisor.  She is Adjunct Professor of Maternal and Child Health and International Health at U.C. Berkeley School of Public Health. Julia's medical specialist training involves Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases as well as public health. Her teaching and research concentrates on public health interventions that improve the wellbeing of the poorest populations, especially infant and child health, and women's reproductive health.  Julia gives her time to The Orion Fund "to help guide grants towards those students who have tremendous potential despite current health and financial problems that inhibit their progress". 
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